The Studies Centre SCUOLA DEL PORTARE ® aims to support the correct physical and mental development both for children and parents by

  • enhancing, verifying and promoting the good practice of Babywearing and similar methods.
  • enhancing, verifying and promoting national and international scientific researches about Babywearing and child’s interaction with the whole family.
  • Training professionals such as “ CONSULENTI DEL PORTARE®” – carrying instructors- also named “CdP”, through the creation and management of a professionals’ national net. This new competence could be used and spread as reinforcement of the health and social services of different kinds, social-educational services and people strongly motivated. Along the training process  The Studies Centre SCUOLA DEL PORTARE ® will be supported by its own trainers or external ones as by the low.
  • Promoting basic-training and follow-up on Babywearing and similar methods (e.g. “Rebozo” massage, empathetic and nonviolent communication” Nurturing techniques, etc.) through familiar empowerment reinforcing parents’ confidence that they are doing the right thing.
  • Creating a parents’ net to offer them practical and emotional support, a place to share experiences, moments and values.
  • Promoting a sustainable diet and life, a sustainable relation with our habitat and nature. To support mothers, children and families in their right of free and conscious choices. To ensure the respect for plurality and uniqueness of each family experience.
  • Drawing up proposals for improvements of Babywearing and similar methods, to overcome any gap and to develop services for those interested, even thanks to scientific researches.
  • Using and implementing participation instruments for professionals and non professionls, according to the low.


The mission of The Studies Centre SCUOLA DEL PORTARE ® will be accomplished and carried on thanks to a strong network of cooperation among The Studies Centre SCUOLA DEL PORTARE ®, its carrying instructor, internal and external trainers, parents , professionals and local authorities and associations with the same or similar values than SdP.

The Studies Centre SCUOLA DEL PORTARE ® has child and family’s support and mental and physical health at heart.

In particular as to families, both with special needs or not, it aims to:

  • to arrange information meetings, group or individual consulting on Babywearing, to promote and support an educational style resting on an active and empathetic listening of basic needs, so that parents can be the safe base from which the child can move towards autonomy.
  • To promote theoretical and practical babywearing culture in any suitable situation, hospitals, neonatal and obstetrics units, to care babies with special needs together with local medical resources.
  • To offer an helpline telephone number to support parents.
  • To grant a good organization and technical scientific support . we will provide quality check about our activities.
  • To look for any possible cooperation with associations, committee, foundation, non-profit organization, both local and on line, to share our ideas.
  • It can sign direct or indirect agreements with any training facilities, working with academia or research institutes on socially sensitive topics.
  • Facebook is a virtual meeting place to share ideas among The Studies Centre SCUOLA DEL PORTARE ® and all those interested in its activities.
  • To communicate with conventional instruments, in particular seminars and issuing.