The Studies Centre SCUOLA DEL PORTARE ® has been created thanks Doc Antonella Gennatiempo’s years of experience. Many “Consulenti del portare®” – babywearyng consultants- have joined SdP’s methodology.

Welcome to The Studies Centre SCUOLA DEL PORTARE ®!

Scuola del Portare® was founded in 2008, thanks to Antonella Gennatiempo’s passion, ideas and experiences.

“ sure that our children’s care and growth are the bases for a better future”


The heart of The Studies Centre SCUOLA DEL PORTARE ® is made by the strong passion and constant work of all our consultants and not only … by all carrying women, men, professionals, mothers, fathers, it has the strength of all their hugs, tenderness, kisses and caresses.

Nowadays SdP is a cooperative , an association of consultants – more than 300- , friends and followers with the common aim to rediscover and support the complex and surprising relationship mother – father- child.

Carrying means to pay attention and embrace newborn and child’s needs, it means to recognize each mother and father’s knowledge. It is an eco-friendly choice … it is a choice of high love contact level.

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