Babywearing Conference

Welcome to the 1st Italian Babywearing Conference!

APRIL 28th – 29th – 30th  2018

Holiday Inn Rome Eur Parco dei Medici | Viale Castello della Magliana, 65 | 00148 Roma | Italia

Tel (+39) 06 65581 ext. 820 | Fax (+39) 06 6537 637 | Mobile (+39) 328 2395201

The Studies Centre SCUOLA DEL PORTARE ® welcomes you to the first Italian Babywearing Conference in Rome 28th /29th/30th April 2018, with national and international guests, workshops for professional and families, exhibition hall with the most important babywearing producers .


Newborn and children have always been carried by their parents. Many cultures all over the world continue to carry them nowadays, in Europe the interest towards the babywearing culture has developed around the 70s.

This interest wasn’t due to a lack of choice but because carrying our children has been recognized as a way to improve the parents’ children relation being at the same time practical and efficient. Thanks to William Sears’s book “ The Baby Book” we are now experiencing a global rapprochement and a rediscovery of parental care who trough the contact develop and reinforce children’s affectivity and help their mothers to get in touch with their babies practicing an empathic listening of their needs and granting them a sane and an harmonious development even in difficulties.

This conference wants to be the beginning of a process of consciousness about the good carrying practice and its advantages on parents’ children relation, the mothers’ wellness in post-partum, and an input for public and private medical care to rediscover and application of the good practice of contact, even during birth hospitalization.


  • Babywearing, the good practice of carrying our children as instrument to get in touch (in relations) for parents and babies growing them on a strong sense of confidence.
  • To raise professionals and parents’ awareness on babywearing as a preventive and promoting wellness tool in childhood problems and difficulties.
  • To follow and support who carry their children.

There will be workshops and lectures by respected eminent personalities in babywearing researches and kangaroo-therapy such as Evelin Kirkilionis and Prof. Agostino. There will also be demonstrations, working groups, exhibitors coming from around the world and representing the most popular babywearing brands. Artistic exhibitions and a temporary exhibition during the conference.

Firmly believing that:

“our children’s care and growth are the starting point for a better tomorrow”.

Antonella Gennatiempo

Holiday Inn Rome Eur Parco dei Medici

Viale Castello della Magliana, 65 | 00148 Roma | Italia

Tel (+39) 06 65581 ext. 820 | Fax (+39) 06 6537 637 | Cel (+39) 328 2395201

Car Parking Available. Complimentary Daily Self-Parking is available. Shuttle bus to/from Downtown, Fiumicino Airport, subway EurMagliana and Fiera di Roma. One way €10 per pax. From the FCO Airport to hotel is free. Children under 16Y are free. Free parking available on site. Dedicated buses parking for coach available.


Dr. Evelin Kirkilionis

Dr Evelin Kirkilionis has a background in Biology and Human Ethology. Her book ‘Ein baby will getragen sein’ was first published in 1999, translated in English and published by Pinter & Martin in 2004, “ A Baby Wants to be Carried. Everithing you need to know about baby carriers and the benefits of babywearing”

Dr. Rocco Agostino

Honorary president of “La cicogna frettolosa – ONLUS”.

Member of ethics committee at the pediatric hospital “Bambin Gesù”.

UOC director, neonatal diseases and T.I.N. 2002-2013 Fatebenefratelli Isola Tiberina.

Willi Maurer – emotional and corporal work – Doné – Suisse – was born in 1945 in German Suisse, actually lives in thr Canton Ticino. Since 1981 follows groups and individuals in the development of their inner potential by promoting the Emotional and corporal Work. He has created a particular methodology to refresh and restore all the lost emotions of our life elaborating and internalizing them. He has spent part of his life studying different psychological approaches both humanist and therapeutic (Gestalt, Primal Screen, Bioenergy, Feldenkrais) leading him to an “intravision” (a word he created to describe the vision of all nets) of the origin of individuals and groups’ conflicts. In the last ten years he is responsible of the Italian and German department of Holon.

Guido Viola – majored in Neuro Psychomotor developmental therapy and a degree in Osteopathic medicine and kinesiology: has always had a holistic and integrated approach to evolutionary aspects and a Master in Natural Medicine. His experience has always been focused on human aspects of development, in particular neonatal disease and rehabilitation and homeopathic medicine. He collaborates with several hospitals and rehabilitation centers to promote the prevention of adult disease due to an undiagnosed neonatal disease. He applies the homeopathic principles to the use of the woven wrap and babywearing as support and aid in dysfunctional pattern solving.

Giorgia Amicizia – graduated with honors in the Neuro and Psychomotricity of the age of development therapy: she’s long been collaborating with the most qualified halfway houses in Lazio, working on the diagnosis, care and rehabilitation process from neurological, neuro-psychological and/or psychiatric pathologies in infantile. She has always been sensitive to social issues: in 2010, together with EFO and AWA Onlus associations was named responsible for “ AmiciziAbili” project – friendship makes able- working on cooperation and development to integrate Senegalese disabled children. Thanks to this experience she came into contact with carrying culture and decided to study further about the use of wove wraps in rehabilitation process, with great attention to emotional and relational aspects with attention focused on the parent-child dyad. She has enriched her experiences and knowledge all along the years paying attention to infants and organizing courses at the Bratelton Center of the pediatric hospital Meyer in Florence. She also started a graduation as infant massage instructor (awaiting graduation C.I.M.I.)

Francesca Furino – counsellor and psychosynthetic professional; individual and groups psychosynthesis, planning, training. After studying as interpreter and translator and a long experience as project assistant for the development of food safety by FAO’s , she becomes a professional in the support relation according the psychosynthesis: an integral vision of mankind to grow and develop his potential values, ideals, consciousness and creativity. A solid qualification in Human Psychological Astrology according Jungh’s models, a pioneering mixture between the depth psychology and the transpersonal and spiritual consciousness of the human being. Trainer in communication, orienteering, corporal expression techniques, (psychosomatic mindfulness). By the use of a severe method intends to promote the self- trans – formation of experiences, restoring the centrality of individuals and their Here and Now. She promotes training courses and works with groups on theoretical and practical experiences to let consciousness grow , paying great attention to female universe all along the self-individuation process, aimed to an integral understanding of personal experiences – on a bio – psych- spiritual level.

Antonella Gennatiempo – Doctor in Psychology, Trainer, facilitator for female activities. The interest for themes as contact and primary needs is at the bases of her long lasting work in a restored project for parents’ “in contact” culture. Since 2001 supports parents, in particular women /mothers. In 2002 started her training in babywearing attending several different European schools and joining conferences (England, Germany) in a continuous training. After her degree thesis about “ the carried child: from kangaroo therapy to wellness promotion”, in 2008 she founded the “La Scuola del Portare®” to promote Babywearing in Italy. Since she was 21 she started a long personal pathway from a spiritual and educational point of view, exploring and integrating in her job the Family Constellations, Holding therapy. She firmly believes the human being as in a continuous changing and as a part of it she is always in continuous learning of changing knowledge with three basic centers: head – hearth- belly. Recently she is working to Willi Maurer’s emotional and corporal practice. Nowadays she also works with women’s groups in a path of psychic awareness of female sanctity and menstrual cyclicity thanks to “ Moon circles” and “Red Tents”.


The first Italian Babywearing Conference wants to gather and brief professional as hospitals, neonatal and obstetrics units, doctors, educators, nurses, instructors, physical therapist, doulas and raise their awareness.

There will be workshops and lectures by respected eminent personalities in babywearing researches and kangaroo-therapy such as Evelin Kirkilionis and Prof. Agostino. There will also be demonstrations, working groups, exhibitors coming from around the world and representing the most popular babywearing firms. Artistic exhibitions and a temporary exhibition during the conference.

  • Informational meetings for all those who want to know and experience babywearing: parents, relatives, pediatric nurses.
  • Informational meetings for Healthcare professional.
  • Training courses to learn the good practice of babywearing for parents and relatives: how to carry with a stretchy wrap, how to carry with a woven wrap, how to carry with a ring sling, mei tai, pounch sling, carrying supports.
  • Training courses for kangaroo therapy for Healthcare professional and baby nurses, ECM credits recognized.

28th -29th April Babywearing consultants and professional

The Babywearing Consultant figure is increasingly growing both in Italy and Europe. The conference will be the occasion for several training experiences and workshops aimed to professional (hospitals, neonatal and obstetrics units, doctors, educators, nurses, instructors, physical therapist, doulas), ECM credits granted if required by participants. Nowadays in Italy there are 300 Babywearing consultants and 600 professional.

Our current best estimate is to have about 150 and 300 consultants and professional joining the conference.


  • To bring support … communication in supporting parents
  • How to support fitness and ballet instructors in Babywearing
  • Loom: wrap and weft of the fabric
  • Rebozo
  • Preliminary physiotherapy treatments
  • Round table with foreign schools
  • Carrying … special needs! When Babywearing meets a neonatal orthopedic or neurological pain.

30th April Parents

FACEBOOK “Piazzetta Babywearing” – twinned with The Studies Centre SCUOLA DEL PORTARE ®- counts more than 36.000 users. It is anyway important to meet personally and to experience the different carriers.

The last day of the conference will be entirely devoted to parents, offering them a big exhibition choice and several activities to join.

The Conference is an occasion to meet directly babywearing carriers producers, brands and sellers, we expect a mass participation.


  • Theatre representations
  • Yoga and ballet with the woven wrap
  • Technical workshops to learn how to carry
  • Poppin’s hip carry
  • Double hammock
  • Robin’s back carry
  • Rings endings

And much more …

Here you’ll find the tickets for the event.

If you want to know more about the Babywearing Conference, please write an email to

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